MDA has been a supporter of university and college student education in Canada for more than
20 years. MDA offers work terms for co-operative (co-op) and non co-op programs in a variety of engineering domains.

Each year, we invite the best and brightest students from universities and colleges across Canada to our Richmond, Brampton, and Montreal offices to work on a diverse range of projects. In our highly competitive program, students work as a full member of the project team and are held accountable for their results.

A co-op/work term placement with MDA not only allows you to apply what you have learned in the classroom, it provides real-world practical experience for your resume, and networking opportunities for that all-important job search after graduation.

We post our co-op/work term openings with co-op offices and placement coordinators coast to coast, three times each year. There are a number of different programs, including some non-technical placements, so be sure to check out our postings at your co-op office.

Student Feedback:

Students who have worked at MDA consistently rank us as one of the best companies to work for. Here are some comments from students who have worked with us::

"My PEY experience at MDA was a critical stepping stone in launching my career to where it is today.

I completed my 16-month PEY at MDA's Robotics and Automation division in Brampton, Ontario, where I had the incredible opportunity of working on the mission support team for the Canadarm robotic system on the Space Shuttle program. While I gained important technical knowledge performing mission analysis and trouble-shooting hardware, the invaluable exposure I received to Engineering principles and leadership opportunities created a strong foundation to my current role as a Systems Engineer.

After graduating from U of T in 2010, I joined MDA as a full time member of the engineering team. Over the past four years I have continued to develop my skills working on exciting projects such as an MR-compatible neurosurgical robot, and defining the next-generation robotic system for future deep-space missions.

I encourage all students to make the most of this fantastic opportunity."
"Working at MDA for 8 months was a great experience. Aside from the extensive technical experience I gained while contributing to the project, I was able to develop great communication and presentation skills. All in all, It was a great, friendly environment, with unlimited interesting projects and learning opportunities. The experience I gained at MDA will definitely pave the way for my future career in engineering."
H.J, PEng


"My experience working as a Co-op student at MDA was very valuable and worthwhile. The supportive environment and challenging work allowed me to develop and improve on both my technical skills and interpersonal skills. I was exposed to technology that I wouldn't have otherwise worked with in school, and tasks that were assigned to me were rarely tedious, keeping my interest high. I felt very comfortable working with my team and got significant feedback on my performance. Also, having the opportunity to get to know various employees in the company has helped me in determining my own career goals."
"During my 8 month co-op at MDA, I had the amazing opportunity to work in the R&D department on two unique software projects. These innovative projects enabled me to hone my software developing skills, and they also made it possible for me to contribute significantly to the team's goals. Apart from my work duties, I was also able to be involved in extracurricular activities such as the MDA Volleyball League. In addition, I was able to develop my communication skills by joining the MDA Toastmasters Club. Overall, working at MDA was a very positive experience, which allowed me to meet incredibly talented professionals and it helped me to determine my career path."


"MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates is indeed a great Canadian high-tech company, always keeping me interested throughout my internship. MDA has taught me things I never did learn and never could learn in school. But beyond my learning, MDA has a great employee environment that made my time with the company a comfortable and fun experience."
"During my 16-month internship, I was primarily involved with two of MDA's medical initiatives which have presented exciting challenges in creativity and innovation. These projects exercised my ability to think outside the box as well as strengthened my basic engineering skills. The various teams that I have been a part of have been a pleasure to work with. Overall, my internship at MDA has been an great experience."



How long are the work terms?
Our Richmond and Montreal locations offer a variety of four- and eight-month work terms and internships beginning in January, May, and September, depending on project requirements.

At our Brampton location we offer four or 16-month work terms or internships. The four-month internships are offered in January, May, and September. The 16-month internships start in May, and students return to school the following September to complete their academic program.

Consult your co-op office to determine when to apply for these work terms.

What programs do you recruit from?
Our Brampton and Montreal locations prefer students to have completed their third year of studies (although we will evaluate all applications) in one of the following disciplines: Electrical, Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering, or Engineering and Computer Sciences.

Our Richmond location prefers students to have completed their second year in one of the following disciplines: Engineering Physics, Computer Science, Applied Physics/Mathematics, Aerospace, Software, Electrical, Computer, Mechatronic, and Systems Engineering. We also have opportunities for students in professional programs on an as-needed basis.

What will I do as a Co-op / Work Term student?
As a Co-op/Work Term student, you will be a contributing member of an MDA team developing a component of a larger project in progress. Typically, you will be assigned a "work package" on which you will work individually with the support of the team. For example, your work package could consist of a well-defined piece of software expected to take one to three months to design, develop, implement, and test. Or you could model in 3D and produce associated documentation for pieces of flight equipment that will go on a satellite.

Depending on the project, expect to apply your knowledge of engineering or programming methodologies on complex assignments using CATIA, Pro-Engineer, NX, Nastran, Pspice, Mentor Graphics, HFSS, C/C++, Java, Perl, Ada, or CORBA, in UNIX.

What will be expected of me?
You will participate as a member of the project team, with deadlines and full accountability for your work package. Expect weekly team meetings and reviews, where we will want to hear your ideas and input. You will be expected to take the initiative to learn about the environment, get involved, ask questions, and take advantage of the resources available to you.

What about the work environment?
At MDA there is a hierarchy in each business project (Project Managers, Project Engineers, Team Leads), although we work hard to maintain an atmosphere where everyone is recognized as key to our success. And every day is casual day!

How will I be compensated?
In addition to your salary, you will receive statutory holiday pay, vacation pay, and flex time benefits. MDA Richmond also likes to recognize outstanding effort and contribution by awarding scholarships to co-op and work term students who are returning to school. At the end of each work term period, a selection committee reviews the scholarship applications and chooses recipients based on their performance relative to their peers.

As a temporary employee, you are also eligible to take internal MDA courses that range from programming languages to engineering process, to time management. These courses are taught throughout the year by MDA staff.

Is it all work and no play?
Not at all! We pride ourselves on the diversity of social and sports activities organized by employees. From hockey, soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball, to ping-pong, yoga, and running, we have a range of fun, fitness-related activities to keep you happy and healthy.

MDA Brampton's Recreation Club offers a variety of activities ranging from live theatre, group trips, Blue Jays games and casino trips to family picnics and Christmas parties.

MDA Montreal's Social Club is busy every year providing an assortment of activities. Popular events include our "Day Up North", a fun-filled day of skiing, tubing, alpine roller coaster riding, finishing off with a sugaring party. Other events include Casino Night, the annual summer picnic, golf tournament, Christmas parties, rock climbing, and kart racing!

MDA Richmond has active Social and Fitness Committees that provide a variety of social events throughout the year, including a golf tournament, curling event, skit night, MDA Day at a local amusement park, Christmas parties, and a number of sports clubs including hockey and running clubs, as well as our always-competitive summer volleyball league.

A well-equipped fitness facility is available to staff at all locations.

How do I apply?
MDA posts its co-op opportunities at school co-op offices at the beginning of every semester, by February, June, and October. Submit your application package (which should include your resume, a cover letter and latest transcripts) through your school's Co-op Coordinator or Placement Coordinator and we will take care of the rest!


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